Esports ecosystem

  1. 1. What is esports
  2. 2. Esports ecosystem
  3. 3. Esports league
  4. 4. Esports team business
  5. 5. Esports third parties

Esports marketing

  1. 1. What is marketing
  2. 2. Community and contents marketing
  3. 3. Marketing trends
  4. 4. Esports marketing tools
  5. 5. Case studies

Esports sponsorship

  1. 1. What is sponsorship
  2. 2. Sponsorship structure
  3. 3. Traditional sports vs esports
  4. 4. Purpose of sponsorship and its effects
  5. 5. Case studies

Jihoon Kim

Employed to KeSPA

I think the biggest strength of EMT program is lecturers and EMT's well-organized curriculum covered almost all areas of e-sports. It was most beneficial and helpful to overview the esports industry with the perspective of practitioners. They give you practical examples right from the field.

Sohee Park

Gen.G Marketing Intern

The practical and informative lectures Gen.G Esports experts helped me a lot. When I presented the team project, the experts in each field gave me specific feedback and sharp questions, which helped me realize what I could improve further.

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