Catering to a global audience,
we maintain a presence in Seoul, LA, and Shanghai,
with a student base exceeding 20,000 worldwide.

👍 Our Competitive Advantage

[1] Outcome-driven learning

Gen.G Global Academy prove our selves through concrete results. Our game coaching course, PLAY, helps students achieve their desired rank within a short period. Our progamer prep-course, PLUS, prepares students for professional esports team recruitment. For our LEARN program, we assist students in achieving their goals of entering their dream university or landing a job at their desired company. Experience Gen.G Global Academy's program with a learning and training curriculum tailored to your goals.

[2] Systematic curriculum

Gen.G Global Academy believes that esports is a medium for change and innovation in future education. Games are no longer just a hobby; they can be our daily lives and our future. From improving the skills of gamers who enjoy it as a hobby to designing careers through games. GGA has collaborated with several esports clubs and educational institutions to prepare programs to help gamers achieve their various goals.

[3] Support from Gen.G Esports

Gen.G Global Academy has Gen.G Esports' full support as its official academy. Gen.G doesn't view GGA students as enrolled students but as core members of the Gen.G community. We provide different unique opportunities such as exclusive events with Gen.G pro players and tryout opportunities. The Academy students train in the same environment/building as Gen.G pro players.

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